Single Surgery Suction


Micro Smart Cube


The Micro Smart Cube is the latest single surgery suction motor to be relased by Cattani. with its unique design this suction motor already comes with its very own casing supporting to reduce the sound in your surgery. It has a remote mounting panel which incorporates 3 pre-programmable vacuum levels that can be set to your requirements. 


It has wireless connectivity enabling the user to monitor the systems operating parameters and make adjustments remotely from the practice computer or other device

Cattani TurboJet 1


Turbo-Jet is a range of motors designed for use with tip supports, which are unit or cabinet mounted.
Turbo-Jet motors are designed for single surgery semi-wet systems and come in full size or compact systems.
The motors are protected with a thermal device, they come complete with ISO4 Amalgam separation.

TurboSmart Micro - Single Surgery


The new smarter suction solution Cattani TurboSmart Micro is a next generation machine for dentists featuring a unique,     multi-level power control to instantlyregulate vacuum and airflow. Cattani TurboSmart Micro will significantly reduce electricity usage and can halve running costs. It requires less maintenance than other machines and is supplied pre-wired, pre-programmed and assembled, for easy installation

Durr VSA 300s


Three components in one unit

Taking all requirements of a suction system into account, the suction unit needs to separate the air/secretion solids mix and to separate the amalgam particles and collect

them in a collector vessel. And it should do all this as economically

and ecologically as possible. This sounds like a major system with corresponding costs. The VSA technology allows Durr Dental to run all three components the suction

motor, separation unit, and amalgam separator in one system unit and on one shaft in as little space as possible in the form of the VSA 300s.