A comprehensive range of disinfectant and sanitising products, designed to keep dental machines, equipment and surgery surfaces clean.

Cattani Puli-Jet Plus New


Non-foaming concentrate, without aldehydes
Disinfects, deodorises & cleans all dental aspirators (wet, semi-wet &
dry lines)
Use to disinfect the aspiration system every evening & for at least 1
cleansing wash in the middle of the day
1 litre makes up to 125 litres of disinfectant or 250 litres of cleaner



Product Code: 060900 (1ltr bottle)


Price: £31.00 per bottle

Price: £108 for 4 bottles


Durr Orotol Plus


Orotol® Plus suction unit disinfection

Bactericide, fungicide, limited HBV, HCV, HIV)

Dissolves biofilm, disinfects and prevents sludge accumulation

Long-term effect – no formation of resistance against germs

Proven material compatibility


Price: £180 for x 2.5 ltr botlles

Cattani Puli-Jet Classic



Sanitising detergent
Cleans, sanitises & deodorises dental suction units
Use to clean the aspiration system every evening & for at least 1 
cleansing wash in the middle of the day
5 litres makes up to 125 litres of cleaner

Price: £31.00 per bottle 

Price: £108 for 4 bottles

Durr MD 555 cleaner


Special cleaner for suction units

Dissolves incrustations of lime and powder spray agents

Highly effective cleaning power

Proven material compatibility

Ideal in combination with Orotol® plus


Price: for 4 x bottle £120.00

Cattani Lubri-Jet Spray

Liquid lubricant for dental instruments
For rubbing surfaces, rubber, O-rings, plastic materials & metal
Useful for treating clamp hinges & scissors before placing in autoclave
Put a drop onto the instrument & wipe off excess before putting in autoclave


Product Code: 040726 (1 x 30ml bottle)
Product Code: 040737 (4 x 30ml bottle)


Easy Oil lubrication adapter



One support for five different adapters. Just plug the spray and everything you need is there, at your fingertips.



It only takes two minutes to perform a perfect five handpiece maintenance of brands and models.



EasyOil is economical, and also thanks to him, you can make a perfect lubrication, thus allowing you a net cost savings of repairs


Price: £99.00


Cattani Sanitising Anti-Foaming Tablets

Stops foam build up, which can cause an interruption in the aspiration
Put 1 or 2 tablets inside the tip support filter or in canister 1, in the morning before work or in the evening after disinfecting the aspiration system
Tablet action lasts the entire working day



Product Code: 040825 (50 per box)

Price: £34