Score Dental Saddle Stools


Benefits and Features of Score Dental Saddle Stools:

  • Ergonomically shaped saddle seat opens the pelvis to improve posture.

  • Less tiring back posture strengthens the dorsal muscles and prevents backache.

  • Provided with a small base and large swivel castors to optimise freedom of movement.

  • Design makes it possible to work closer to the patient or working area than a chair.

  • Sitting position helps to reduce neck and shoulder complaints.

  • Can be provided with a ‘balance’ mechanism which adapts to the movement of the user and moves in the direction of the center of gravity of the upper body. This way the spine and pelvis remain in balance and no extra pressure on the inside upper leg is created

  • Low or high gas lifts and these can be provided with a foot controlled gas lift.

  • Seamless upholstery available for workplaces where hygiene is very important.

  • Compact base


Available in two seat shapes:

The ‘Amazone’  is a smaller seat, suitable for ladies, and with seat tilt: 57 – 76cm


The ‘Jumper’  is the wider seat base and with a seat tilt: 63-88cm