Visual Displays

AG Neovo

Marsh Dental are now distributors for AG neovo.  AG neovo has an extensive range of visiual display screens which are specifically designed for professionals who want excellent clarity, high performance, sturdy, easy to maintain and easy to use. Their extensive range of visual display screens can demonstrate features such as, compliance mutimedia sharing, functions to market indoors by advertising,  playing music, USB playback, desktop screens for your computers, touch screens, security montiors and display screens specifically designed for medical environments. 


AG Neovo have specifically designed the DR-17P with medical environments in mind.  The DR-17P is a high performance high resolution 17" LED screen secure in a very sturdy metal casing with the protection of Nevo Optical Glass and it functions as well as it looks for dental precision. The DR-17P also comes equipped with an illuminator mode for easy x-ray film viewing and it is easy for hygiene maintenance as it is able to withstand any cleaning agent.  















The DR-17P also comes in an elegant DR-22 format providing you with a larger 22" LED screen with Full HD resolution with AIP technology for a clearer image. The DC-24V medical grade power supply assures not only safety but stable image presentation in a professional dental environment.