Hybrid Humidifiers & Purifiers 

Creates a safe working environment for both the staff and the patients.

Minimising the risk, when used in conjunction with correct infection control procedures, PPE and social distancing measures. 

Air purification systems have been proven to effectively remove pathogens in the air, and ensure that airborne, droplet viruses, such as Coronavirus are neutralised before they are inhaled. This pioneering technology is used widely in hospitals and clinics worldwide, and the typical time to completely change the air in a room is 5 minutes

Surgery Use

Communal Areas

Larger Communal Areas


£29.99  500ml     (50 days of use at a 10ml dose)

The A180 Clean & Protect Solution Disinfects the room air  and surfaces 

Eliminates 99.999% of special viruses,  bacterias, fungi, mitesand germs in the air  and on surfaces!


The Citrus Collection is a perfect addition to add to your Humidifier.

Giving energy and freshness to your practice.

Other essential oils can be used as long as they are pure essential oil.