Sterile instruments and expertise are a prerequisite for successful dental treatment.

Newmed Autoclave

Newmed B18L - Newmed B23L

The Newmed Kronos B 18L - 23L is an ideal autoclave for any dental practice. It is a fully fractionated double stage vacuum pump B Class machine proscribing the standards required for sterilization meeting the standard HTM 01-05 regulations. It is suitable for solid instruments, hollow instruments, wrapped and non-wrapped instruments, porous loads and small porous loads. It has in excess of 99.5% up times in surgerys with this product. 


The advantages of the Newmed is the speed of the cycle, it does not inject water into the chamber it in fact it injects steam to get through the pre-heated phases very quickly prior to sterilisation. It is one of the fastest autoclaves on the market. It is known in the industry to be one of the most reliable autoclaves and with it being very robust. This autoclave is very easy to work on and engineers at Marsh Dental are fully trained to service this autoclave. We have access to all spare parts as the parts are kept here in the UK and not overseas. 


Key Features; 

  • Built in thermal printer

  • Easy connection for data logger system

  • Stainless steel chamber

  • Allows connection to Osmosis Systems

  • Graphic display panel

  • Holds enough water for up to ten cycles

  • internal tank holds dirty water until you are ready to empty it (this can be done after several cycles)


The 18L chamber is ideal for small to medium dental practices where the 23L version has a longer chamber than the 18L, which still sits comfortably on a standard work bench. This is perfect for higher throughput surgeries or for specialised implantology and orthodontic procedures, where larger kits are used.

NSK Auto Clave

NSK Iclave Plus

IClave Plus 
More Safety, More Capacity
Optimising Handpiece Performance with the Long-Awaited Debut of NSK’s Autoclave Series
Even the best handpiece means nothing if you cannot use and decontaminate it safely. NSK leveraged the advanced know-how it has gained as a trusted global handpiece manufacturer to realise the potential of a handpiece-friendly autoclave through the launch of the long-awaited iClave series.

An 18 Litre Model Complying with the Top Sterilisation Standard
Employing a copper chamber to minimise internal temperature fluctuations. Efficiently sterilising more instruments while minimising wasted space.

iClave Mini

iClave Mini 

A handpiece autoclave from a handpiece manufacturer, complying with Europe’s Class S sterilisation standard. The iClave mini sterilises even the invisible parts of handpieces and is completely portable to use anywhere.


Fast and compact but with large capacity
The new direct-heating technology around the 2.5 litre chamber aims to work and perform like the combination of copper chamber and adaptive heat system. iClave mini is compact in size yet large in capacity while at the same time running fast and efficient cycles.


User-friendly, easy to read operating panel
With a sophisticated design and excellent visibility, the iClave mini panel is easy to operate and maintain, enhancing sterilisation reliability.

iClave HP

iClave HP can run a cycle in approximately 12 minutes including drying. The B cycle (Helix test) can be done in less than 18 minutes including drying.


High performance
iClave HP can sterilise 12 wrapped or 18 unwrapped handpieces in one cycle.


As a result of its special heating system, iClave HP prevents thermal stress and allows gentle sterilisation without the risk of damaging handpieces.


Eco sustainability
Despite the fast cycles, iClave HP has very low power and water consumption. The special heating system enables power and water savings with obvious cost and environmental benefits.

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