Degré K embodies the expertise necessary for the specific lighting of 4 relevant areas in dentistry: the tooth, the mouth, the dental care room and the entire dental clinic.

Degré K LOLe

LOLé, the operating Lamp with fitted LED. It gives a uniform view of the mouth without adjustment, shadows, or dazzling the patient, and disturbance to the operator.

Degré K Albedo

Albédo, to work in the best everyday comfort of vision without dark area, without glare, with no accommodation efforts.

High performance light fittings for dentistry and specialty surgery, with IP50 protection and total surface disinfection the Albedo ceiling lamp emits a Northern light with 6500K tubes of IRC>98.


Degré K ISee

I See, the complete lighting system which combines the powerful Albedo lighting with the LOLe operating lamp which can travel for ease of use.

Degré K Kled

The right LED Colour for diagnosis and care

Perfect identification of yellows and reds:Kled highlights the caried dentin tartar, making for easier parodontal diagnosis andthe pulp approach.No cyanosed aspect of the gingiva

Lighting is 50% to 70% better than the genuine parts

Allows the diagnosis by transillumination (via a probe with optical fiber)

Plug and play: KLED simply takes the place of the genuine bulbs. Its base is identical to the one of the relative genuine bulb.