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Satelec Newtron P5


Enter the new PURE NEWTRON® dimension

Maximize your working time and your efficiency by being guided by the features and the ergonomic design of this new generation ultrasonic devices.

Satelec Newtron P5xs


Add peace of mind to your daily work with the NEWTRON® P5XS ultrasonic generator.

Work in freedom with the remote adjustment of NEWTRON® P5XS settings on a tablet or smartphone through the P5XS application.

Built in Scaler Kits

The SP NEWTRON® module is a multi-clinic piezo-ultrasonic generator  that drives four modes through one single knob (Perio, Endo, Scaling and “Boost”).The module includes an intelligent control system which adjusts continuously its output power,  according to the resistance encountered by the tip and the mode selected (Feed Back System). It can track and adapt continuously the vibratory frequency from 28 kHz to 36 kHz, (Auto-Tuning System). In real time, the Newtron controls the  amplitude control of the tips from 4 to 200 μm, (Push Pull System). The Cruise Control® System is a combination of these three features. Including in Newtron® technology, it provides you an easy plug and use device!