6+ Surgery Suction


Cattani Maxi Smart


Maxi-Smart is a totally new concept in dental vacuum for larger installations. The system uses flow target technology unique to Cattani.

Flow target guarantees 300 litres per minute air flow at every suction tip regardless of main pipework diameter and length.

This is an ideal replacement for existing systems as well as for new projects. Maxi-Smart can be parallelled together for larger installations, variable speed motors with inverter control keeps running costs to a minimum.


Medio-Jet 2v special + control board with VSD (inverter)

Product Code: 035210
No. of Surgeries: up to 15 surgeries
Output power: 11.8kW-25A
Max. flow: 5000 l/min
Max. vacuum level: 240mbar (continuous service)
Noise level: 77dB(A)
Dimensions: W685 D1060 H1470 (mm)
Net Weight: 250Kg
Gross Weight: 300Kg