2 - 4 Surgery Suction


Turbo Smart Cube



Cattani Turbo Smart Cube is suitable for multiple surgery installations up to 4 dental units operating simultaneously. 


It has wireless Connectitivty, enabling  the user to monitor the systems operating parameters and make adjustments remotely from the practice computer or other device. 

Cattani Turbo-Smart


Cattani Turbo-Smart is a compact, unique universal suction system. It’s called “smart” for a very good reason. Whatever demands are made of it, Turbo-Smart always automatically applies the correct vacuum to suit any procedure without compromising efficiency. Turbo-Smart information centre (CPU) also keeps operators informed of any maintenancerequired before any interruption to practice schedules can occur. Depending upon the software incorporated the same unit can power either two or four surgeries. Turbo-Smart comes complete with the new amalgam separator to BS ISO 11143 (98.1% efficiency) and electronic level control.


Durr VS 600


When it comes to the remodelling or modernization of a dental

surgery, VS combination suction units can be used even in difficult

installation conditions.