Elevence Chair Height
Elevence Chair Height



Midmark Elevance


The Elevance™ Dental Chair – sophisticated styling,optimal patient access and exceptional patient comfort.

The result of years of research and development, thispatient chair is a genuine departure from any chair on the market today.

The unique Cantilever Forward™ design accentuates the dramatic styling, allows for unsurpassed range of travel and offers greater flexibility to enhance the way you work, whether seated or standing. Though elegant, the Elevance™ chair is supported by a

powerful hydraulic system and cast aluminum backrest to support patients weighing up to 204kg.

The thin, narrow backrest provides optimal access to the patient. The sculpted backrest and exclusive integrated armrests support the upper body while the patient enjoys a relaxing massage from the heat and massage system, reducing patient anxiety.


Optional Extras -

  • 2 Position Programmable Foot Switch Chair Control 

  • Elevance LR Delivery System, 4 Handpiece Positions, English

  • Elevance LR Delivery System, 6 Handpiece Positions, English

  • Tubing and Lamp for Fiber Optic Handpiece

  • Bien Air MX2 LED, Single Motor, factory installed

  • Midmark LED LR Operating Light, Elevance/Elevance

  • Elevance LR Mounted Cuspidor, Smoke Color Bowl

  • SerenEscape Heat & Massage System

  • Elevance Ultraleather Upholstery

  • EU Elevance Assistants Instruments, Rear Chair Hub Mount

  • EU Elevance Assistants Instruments, Cuspidor Mount, Smoke Bowl

  • Dentist's Stool

  • Assistant's Stool