We provide an extensive range of suction system accessories to enhance the various suction systems and their performance, including:
Supplementary silencers for exhaust air, Alarm units, Bacterial and mercury vapour filters, Non-return and thermal, compensating valves, HEPA H14 antibacterial filters, Manual and pneumatic tip supports, Fixing brackets, Syringe and saliva ejector seats, Control panels, Tip support mounting arms, Amalgam containers, Spittoons plus draining, mounting and vacuum isolation valves, and supplementary filters.

Pneumatic Tip Support
Manual Tip support

Tip support with:
•1 x 16mm outlet
•2 x 11mm outlet
•2m Ø 30 spiral tube
W=180mm D=85mm H=83mm

030020 Black
030021 Grey
Price: £418

Tip support with:
•1 x 16mm outlet
•1 x 11mm outlet
•Diaphragm selection of terminals
•2m Ø 25 spiral tube.
W=135mm D=105mm H=118mm

030031 Grey
030030 Black
030034 White
Price: £505

Spray Interceptor
Surgical Tip 9 or 10

Spray Interceptor

11, 17, 20, 21 and 22


(Pack of 3)
Price: £11
Bulk buy (34 x 3 pack)
Price: £299

Surgical Tip 9 -Product Code: 040230 Pack of 3
Price: £11
Product Code: 040360 Bulk buy (34 x 3 pack)
Price: £299


Surgical Tip 10 - Product Code: 040240 (Pack of 3)
Price: £11
Product Code: 040370 Bulk buy (34 x 3 pack)
Price: £299


Product Code: 040720
1x16mm & 1x11mm connections, reducers for smaller terminals included
Assists with cleaning the internal walls of the dental unit suction lines
Price: £60