Marsh Dental visit with PlanDemo

We bring the showroom to you.

Marsh Dental are a specialist supplier of the Planmeca range. This ensures we can supply, install and maintain Planmeca products from a Dental Unit to the CBCT family.

Marsh dental strongly believe that it is essential to cover technological advances which are becoming more and more important in this field from 3D imaging to CAD/CAM. A good technician should be able to work in the new ‘areas’ of dental equipment and service– hence our partnership with the Planmeca range. Whilst a new and exciting showroom is available to visit, Marsh Dental are now able to bring to your practice, the PlanDemo: a fully working ‘Showroom on wheels’.

This way you can go ‘hands on’ with a Dental Unit and both 3D and Milling units with Scanners and even see same day dentistry from ‘prep to fitting crown’ all within the hour! This can be done at your own convenience.

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