Single Surgery


Cattani AC100

The AC100 compressor has a teflon coated reciever, this compressor is a single phase. 

AC100 compressor are designed for single surgery systems and come in standard AC100 (with dryer as shown) and AC100Q (with dryer and sound reducing cover).

All AC100/Q compressors come with a 5 year guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).


Durr Torando 1 -
Super Silent


The Tornado is one of the quietest compressors in dentistry, yet it is still very powerful. The highly developed compressor set is extremely quiet, and can have a calming effect on both patient and practitioner.


  • Oil-free, dry, hygienic

  • One of the quietest of its kind

  • Low maintenance, only requires an annual filter change

  • Very reliable thanks to the closed crankcase

  • Hygienic, taste and odourless compressed air

Bambi VT 75D



Quality is the primary component built into each Bambi VT Oil Free Compressor.