6+ Surgeries

Cattani AC600


The AC600 compressor has a teflon coated reciever. 

AC600 compressors are designed for up to 10 surgeries, 6 running simultaneously come, AC600 (with dryer) and AC600Q (with dryer and sound reducing cover).

All AC600/Q compressors come with a 5 year guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).

Durr Quattro Tandem


Quattro Tandem, the nonplus ultra in power for dental laboratories and large surgeries with a 90 litre tank, optionally with one or two units.

For four (1 unit) or eight operators.

Unit for cleaning and care of handpieces and elbows, other sterilisation and laboratory equipment also required compressed air. This has to be added to the number of operators.

Bambi VT 400D


Quality is the primary component built into each Bambi VT Oil Free Compressor.

At the heart of the VT range is our all new Vee Twin pump unit with one of the lowest noise levels of any oil free compressor available, made possible by the very latest “tilting piston” technology. Perfect when you demand the highest possible air quality for critical applications; dentistry, scientific laboratories, food packaging, pneumatic controls, hospital ventilators, drink dispensing – and anywhere when low maintenance is essential.